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Everyone on the team at Wynkoop Dental knows we are very fortunate and love the chance to give back to the community to help someone in need. In 2014 we participated in Freedom Day USA where we closed the practice to our regular patients and gave free dental work to veterans and their families. It was an awesome experience for everyone and we plan on making it an annual event at our office! The following link shows other businesses in Denver that participate in Freedom Day USA.

The Colorado Mission of Mercy, or COMOM, is a fun 2 day event once a year that we have taken part in many times. There are hundreds of dentists and specialists and local volunteers that all help provide over $1 million in services to people of Colorado.

There are a couple other small, local charities that we like being involved with. DenUM is a great charity that works to end poverty in Denver by supplying not only a food bank but also has many services including education and employment services as well as advocacy programs. The Anchor Center is wonderful organization that is located in Stapleton. It is a school for blind children ages 0-5 years as well as support system for families. If you are ever in the area, stop by and check it out. It is a pretty amazing place with some inspiring young people!

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