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Are you satisfied with your smile? Do you tend to show a lot of gum tissue when you smile? Do your teeth appear short or stubby? Does it make you self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth? Did you know there’s a fast and effective way to improve a “gummy smile”? It’s true! It’s called laser contouring and it can be done efficiently and comfortably at Wynkoop Dentistry.

What Constitutes a Gummy Smile?

This question is very subjective and is based a lot on perception. You may feel like you have a gummy smile when your teeth appear small or short, or you show a lot of gum tissue.

If you do see a lot of your gums when you smile, you may feel that they overshadow your teeth and detract from the aesthetics of your smile. It’s been determined that most people will begin to consider their smiles “gummy” when an excess of 3-4 millimetres is showing.

Soft Tissue Contouring

The dental laser can be used to remove the excess gum tissue that is hiding your true smile. While this sounds painful, with the use of the laser it’s really not. It sterilizes the treated area, which accelerates your healing time and also makes the treatment procedure more comfortable.

The laser delivers concentrated light and heat with precision and accuracy, and when you combine this with our dentist’s skill and artistry, you’ll be amazed at your results and excited to share your smile with the world!

Wynkoop Dentistry Can Help You Achieve the Smile of Your Dreams!

Our goal here at Wynkoop Dentistry is to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime. If you’re not happy with the appearance of your smile, we’re happy to discuss different treatment options that will help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and desires for your teeth.

Dental lasers are an exciting aspect of our practice here at Wynkoop Dentistry! Lasers have been used in dentistry since the early 90’s, and they can make many treatment procedures more comfortable and efficient. Here are some of the treatment procedures we use the laser for.

Treating Gum Disease
Treating periodontal (gum) disease is probably one of the highlights of laser dentistry. It’s able to remove infected gum tissue with more accuracy and precision than treatments in the past. The concentrated heat and light a laser delivers helps to sterilize and then seal off the treated area, which makes the procedure more comfortable and accelerates the healing process.

Gum Treatments
If you’ve been told your teeth appear short or stubby, you may not have known that your smile is just waiting to be revealed. The dental laser can comfortably remove the excess gum tissue that covers your teeth to expose the smile you never knew you had!

The laser can also perform frenectomies, or the removal of the frenum, which is the muscle attachment under your top lip, or under your tongue. Sometimes this muscle is too big, or it may be preventing your tongue from working properly, or the front teeth from coming together. Often, frenectomies are performed on babies who are “tongue tied” and unable to nurse.

Removing Cavities
The laser is sometimes used to remove decay or cavity from your tooth. Using the laser is more precise and conservative, which preserves more of your tooth structure. It also creates a stronger bond with the composite and your tooth, which means less trauma to your tooth and more longevity for your filling.

Treating Cold Sores
For those who suffer from painful cold or canker sores, the laser can reduce your healing time. When you feel that sore developing, contact us right away. The quicker we can treat your lesion, the faster your healing time will be.

Laser Whitening
Did you know that the dental laser can even be used for whitening treatments? It actually reduces sensitivity and accelerates the whitening process. Even better, it only takes a few minutes of exposure to your tooth to produce amazing results, so it’s fast and effective.

We’re proud to offer laser dentistry and other state-of-the-art technology to our patients at Wynkoop Dentistry! We know that using advanced technology improves your experience and makes your procedure more comfortable, efficient, and effective. Give us a call today to schedule your next dental appointment.

Questions often arise about dental x-rays, and we hear things like: Do I really need them? Are they safe? How often do I need them? These are all great questions and we’d like to take the time to discuss the importance of dental x-rays as a diagnostic tool. The more you know about them, the better you’ll feel about taking them.

Do I Really Need X-Rays?

The answer is – yes. Our doctors use x-rays to see what’s going on internally in your mouth, and they give us a better of view of issues that could potentially be missed with just an examination. Diagnosing treatment with x-rays allows us to detect issues such as tooth decay in its earliest stages, which gives you the opportunity for less invasive and costly treatment procedures.

Are X-Rays Safe?

At Wynkoop Dentistry we use digital x-rays, which are not only safer for our patients, but also for the environment. Digital x-rays emit 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays, which is, in fact, less radiation than you’d receive spending a day out in the Colorado sun.

They require no harsh chemicals for development, which is much kinder to our environment, and they’re readily available so our doctors can diagnose any treatment needs right away. Because they provide a clearer image, it means more accurate diagnosis of your treatment needs.

Fun fact: Did you know that banana’s are radioactive? 

How Often Do I Need X-Rays?

We typically recommend that x-rays be taken once per year, unless you’re having a specific issue. If you should experience tooth sensitivity or pain, an x-ray can help us detect what the cause is so we can get you back on the path to wellness again much more efficiently.

X-rays taken once per year give us a baseline that helps us monitor your oral health. We believe that prevention is truly the key in maintaining optimum oral health and routine dental cleanings, check-ups, and x-rays can help us provide this service to you.

Contact Wynkoop Dentistry

At Wynkoop Dentistry, we’re always looking for better ways to serve our patients and protect our environment. In fact, we’re the first Certified Green Dental Practice by the city of Denver, and we believe that technology such as digital imaging has helped us achieve this goal.

If you have questions about x-rays or other aspects of our practice, or if it’s time to schedule your next dental appointment, we encourage you to give us a call.

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