CEREC Crowns: The Convenience of Same-Day Dental Restorations


If you’ve ever experienced a toothache, you are aware of the urgency with which you should have a toothache treated. Your everyday activities can quickly become disrupted by tooth discomfort, and waiting to get treatment can worsen your dental health. You can now have your rotten or damaged tooth fixed in a single day with CEREC technology. Here is all the information you require regarding CEREC same-day crowns.

What are CEREC Crowns – Same-Day Dental Restorations?

CEREC Crowns are a revolutionary new way to restore your teeth. CEREC Crowns are a type of laser restoration. CEREC stands for Computerized Laser-Guided Excision Radiofrequency and offers the same quality and precision as traditional crowns but at a fraction of the cost. A crown is made of tooth-colored composite material, fabricated in the shape of your teeth and bonded to the tooth’s surface using adhesive, cement, or a combination thereof.

Benefits of Same-Day Dental Restorations CEREC Crowns –

More Natural Looking and Feeling

A CEREC crown is long-lasting enough to last for many years. As a result, you can grin with assurance knowing that your dental restoration feels and looks natural.

The comfort of our patient’s smiles has always been a priority for us, which is why we offer same-day dental crowns. And the quality of the crown remains uncompromised. A CEREC same-day crown has an identical natural appearance to crowns made in labs.

Dental Impressions Are Taken Digitally

In the past, dentists took impressions of teeth using pink dental putty. The only issue was that the patient’s gag reflex may be triggered by putting a tray of putty on the roof of their mouth. Thankfully, our dentist takes photographs of your teeth and gums using a hand-held gadget.

High Level of Accuracy

Digital dental impressions are more precise and less invasive than trays packed with goo. To make a crown that fits your tooth properly on the same day, the digital scanner will capture an exact digital impression of your mouth. Because our systems can manage things like minor motions and false impressions, which frequently interfere with the putty process, these measures are more precise than impression putty.

FAQs – Same-Day Dental Restorations CEREC Crowns

Do same-day crowns work just as well?

Same-day crowns fit perfectly—possibly even better than conventional porcelain crowns. The digital scanning and computer-aided design technology used by CEREC hold the key. Instead of using traditional putty to build your crown, the dentist instead uses the computerized scanner from CEREC. Simply run the scanner, roughly the size of an electric toothbrush, over your teeth to perform these scans.

What is the price of a same-day crown?

The price of your same-day crown will vary depending on several variables, including which tooth needs the crown and the fees charged by various dental offices. In general, CEREC crowns are slightly more expensive than conventional dental crowns, although some costs are saved by not having to pay for a temporary crown or a second trip to the dentist’s office. Don’t worry if you’re unsure whether or not a same-day crown will fit your budget. When you come in for a consultation, we can give you an idea of how much your treatment will cost and what your insurance will probably pay.

Learn More About CEREC® Crowns At Our Dental Office in Denver, CO

People who are interested in CEREC crowns should speak with a dentist immediately. If they want to know if CEREC crowns are a good option for them, an evaluation can be completed. The dentist is also qualified to answer queries and handle issues. Get in touch with Wynkoop Dentistry in Denver, CO, to learn more or arrange a consultation appointment.

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