How Root Canal Can Help Protecting Your Oral Health

Keeping your mouth healthy is crucial for your general health, and root canal therapy is a popular dental surgery that helps you keep your natural teeth. Root canal dentists in Denver treat problems that arise in the pulp, the tooth’s innermost layer. Here, we will go into detail about root canal therapy, including what it is, why it is required, and the many advantages it provides for maintaining your oral health.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Endodontic therapy, another name for root canal therapy, is the process of extracting diseased or infected pulp from inside a tooth. The pulp is a soft tissue made up of connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. It can become inflamed or infected for several causes, including trauma, deep cavities, or many dental treatments on the same tooth.

To stop further infection, root canal dentists in Denver fill and close the tooth after removing the unhealthy pulp and cleaning and disinfecting the interior. A dental crown could be advised in certain circumstances to restore the strength and functionality of the tooth.

Why is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

One of the common questions people ask is – “What does a root canal do to your mouth?

When a tooth’s pulp is compromised, root canal therapy is required. It may occur as a result of:

Deep Cavities: Infection and inflammation can result from a cavity that penetrates the tooth’s pulp deeply.

Trauma: Even in cases when there are no outward symptoms, physical trauma to the tooth, such as a strong impact, can cause pulp injury.

Repeated Dental treatments: Over time, teeth that have several dental treatments may develop pulp damage.

Chips or Cracks: When a tooth is chipped or cracked, the pulp is exposed and susceptible to infection.

Benefits of Root Canal

Another question people ask is – “What are the benefits of a root canal?” or “Is root canal good for your teeth?

Retains the Natural Tooth: Preserving your natural tooth is one of the main benefits of receiving root canal therapy. A root canal preserves the external structure of the tooth, negating the need for artificial substitutes like bridges or dental implants, as opposed to extractions, which involve removing the entire tooth.

Provides Exceptional Value for Money: Although some people may think of root canal therapy as a costly operation, it offers exceptional long-term value for money. Preserving your natural tooth implies keeping your native dentition functional and avoiding the expenses of tooth replacement solutions.

Can Last for a Lifetime: A tooth that has had root canal therapy can survive a lifetime with good oral care and routine dental checkups. This longevity attests to the procedure’s efficacy in getting rid of infection and repairing the tooth.

Has an Extremely High Success Rate: The great majority of patients who have root canal therapy see their symptoms resolved and go on to keep a healthy tooth for years to come. The procedure’s reliability has been enhanced by developments in dental technology and methods.

Prevents jawbone degeneration and shifting of the teeth: Preserving the natural tooth after receiving root canal therapy aids in preventing problems such as the shifting of nearby teeth and the degeneration of the jawbone. Maintaining optimal occlusion and averting issues with oral health depends on the dental arch’s integrity.

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A root canal is a crucial dental surgery that greatly enhances the preservation of your oral health. This procedure provides long-term benefits, keeps your dentition functional, and lets you keep your natural tooth by treating problems in the pulp of your teeth. Beyond just keeping individual teeth intact, root canal therapy at Wynkoop Dentistry in Denver, CO, also improves the stability and general health of your oral cavity, averting more serious dental problems down the road.

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