Ignoring Your Teeth Can Lead to Expensive and Painful Problems: Don’t Let a Lack of Dental Insurance Be an Excuse to Avoid the Dentist


In today’s rapidly changing environment, many people have seen significant changes to their dental plans and dental coverage. With these changes, it can be difficult to understand what your new dental policy does or does not cover. In some cases, new dental insurance can be costly and ineffective in helping address your specific oral health. These challenges are the exact reason the Wynkoop Wellness plan was created.  

The Wynkoop Wellness Plan is a great program that can help reduce the annual cost of maintaining a healthy smile. With monthly payment options, the program looks and feels a lot like other dental plans, but without all of the confusion and additional overhead. The plan works well for many patients because you only pay for treatment that you receive, AND you still get a discount on other restorative procedures. So, you get what you pay for instead of having to pay a premium for something you may never use. 

Traditional dental insurance has many limiting factors and doesn’t make sense for many people. Many plans, especially self-insured plans, charge $30-60/month and have a waiting period for treatment of 6-12 months with a maximum insurance contribution of $1000-1500. The insurance company may require you to pay premiums for a year or more before they start contributing, and when they do start contributing they will stop once you have hit the maximum.  Because of this, you may elect to defer treatment; deferred treatment can cause small problems to become big problems. The Wynkoop Wellness Plan provides another option for those without insurance or those who are unhappy with their current dental benefits plan.  

The Wynkoop Wellness Plan lumps together all of your recommended preventive care for the year and gives you a discount on most needed restorative or elective procedures. Unlike traditional dental insurance, our plan has no waiting period and no maximum contributions. Plus, it can be paid for with an HSA using pre-tax money, thus saving an additional 15-30%.

If you’ve seen changes to your dental coverage this year, we are here to help! Whether that means reviewing new dental insurance plans, or answering questions about the Wynkoop Wellness Plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to help, and look forward to providing you with the best options to keep your smile happy and healthy.


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