Myth Busting For Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is said to be the most frightful procedure that goes within the annals of the dental stream, and the name itself invokes fright in patients around the world. Because of all these things, people fear to opt for the root canal procedure and try to avoid it.

Even though root canal treatment has a fearsome reputation, there are still some people who are courageous enough to question themselves what precisely this is!

Regarding the root canal treatment, several misconceptions need to be corrected. These can be totally wrong or partially wrong, thus making it hard to differentiate fact from fiction.

What is root canal treatment?

The ultimate purpose of root canal therapy is to alleviate the pain caused by the pulp of an infected tooth. The nerves on that tooth become very sensitive to touch. This happens due to damaged or exposed roots, and no doubt that these get worsen as time passes.

We cannot say that root canal treatment is a dental procedure but saying this as a pulp-based procedure surrounding the tooth sounds better. Like in plants, these chambers or canals work as roots providing all the required nutrients to the tooth.

Rather than calling it root canal treatment, we must call it endodontic therapy. Here, the tooth is maintained and restored rather than what is thought to be.

The endodontist

A Root canal dentist or an endodontist is different than your regular dentist as they are specialized in their field, and they treat the inside of the tooth more precisely. The root canal dentist treats the outer part of the tooth.

Always look for a qualified dentist root canal specialist for treating the root canal. One of the easiest ways to look for a root canal dentist is to ask for referrals. After collecting all the information, shortlist and choose the one apt according to your necessity.

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root canal dentist

Busting Myths

There are so many totally false or partially false myths about root canal treatment that must be corrected. Below are some of these myths:

Myth – You need to have four to five different treatments to treat a root canal.

Busted – It is partially true that the endodontist procedure does require two treatments, but people exaggerate it as if it requires 4-5 treatments.

And, of course, each treatment is at a different level according to how much damage is caused to the tooth and how nasty the infection is. The treatment may go a bit different according to each patient, but the actual process remains the same.

Myth – The root canal therapy is excruciating.

Busted – This therapy is processed to relieve pain. As been said previously that when the nerves and roots are exposed, then there are chances that pain might occur.

However, if you treat the infected area and seal them, the pain will reduce.

Myth – Get root canal surgery only when it pains.

Busted – Even though infected roots or damaged roots cause pain, this may not be the case if that tooth is already dead. So, if the nerves and pulp inside the tooth are already dead, there will be less intensity of ache. But regrettably, in such a condition, the root canal dentist will ripe off the tooth so that more infection could be avoided.

Myth – Root canal treatment is not the permanent solution.

Busted – This one is the most common myth that you might encounter when going for root canal treatment, and this is the by-product of those patients whose treatment didn’t go successful.

You may come across some people who say their tooth broke shortly after the treatment. This occurs when the person’s tooth is very fragile to start with. Due to various advancements in technology in the dental field, endodontic root canal therapy is usually considered a permanent solution with so much higher success rates.

Bottom line

From all these, we can summarize that there are several myths and the reputation about the root canal treatment that makes it sounds scary but in reality, this is a great permanent solution for your pain in the root and nerves in your teeth.

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