Same-Day Crowns VS Traditional Crowns: What You Need To Know


Dental crowns are an essential component of tooth restorations because they offer strength and cosmetic appeal. Getting a dental crown required several appointments. Temporary crowns are used while permanent ones are manufactured in a lab. However, same-day crowns are now a convenient option thanks to technological improvements. Same-day crowns dentists in Denver will discuss the key distinctions between traditional and same-day crowns, so you can choose the best course of action for your dental needs.

Same Day Crowns

Efficient and Time-Saving: Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology is used in the fabrication of same-day crowns, also referred to as chairside or one-visit crowns. One dentist session is sufficient to finish the full procedure, including digital imprints and crown placement. This effectiveness does away with the necessity for repeated visits and the trouble of wearing a temporary crown for an extended amount of time.

Digital Impressions: Same-day crowns use digital impressions instead of the messy impressions needed for traditional crowns. The Same-day crowns dentist in Denver creates a three-dimensional digital model of the tooth by taking detailed pictures using a small, handheld scanner. It increases patient comfort while simultaneously increasing accuracy.

Precision and Customization: Same-day crowns can be precisely designed and customized because of CAD/CAM technology. The crown is milled from a block of premium ceramic material using the digital model. The end product is a crown that fits the patient’s tooth precisely and has a natural appearance while offering maximum function.

Traditional Crowns

Multiple Appointments: Two or more appointments are usually required for the standard crown process. The dentist makes impressions, prepares the tooth, and applies a temporary crown at the initial appointment. The permanent crown is then created by technicians in a dental laboratory using the impressions. The last crown is inserted during a follow-up visit.

Temporary Crowns: While waiting for the permanent crown to be made, patients having traditional crowns must wear a temporary crown for at least one week. Even while they serve a purpose, temporary crowns might not be as long-lasting or visually appealing as the finished repair.

Lab Fabrication: In a dental laboratory, qualified dental workers create traditional crowns. A great degree of personalization and attention to detail is not possible with this method. Moreover, it is a lengthy procedure and can cause a delay in the final repair.

Choosing the best course of action for your circumstances requires speaking with your dentist. Both techniques seek to restore your smile and preserve the health and functionality of your teeth, regardless of whether you value the rapidity of same-day crowns or the accuracy of the conventional approach. Regardless of the choice you select, getting a dental crown is an investment in your general health and oral hygiene.

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A person’s tastes, desires, and particular dental circumstances will determine whether they choose same-day crowns or traditional crowns. Same-day crowns are a popular choice for people with hectic schedules since they are quick, easy, and provide instant results. Conversely, traditional crowns offer a high degree of customization. Contact Wynkoop Dentistry in Denver for more details.

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