Top 5 Drinks to Avoid to Protect Your Teeth


You’ve probably heard you should be careful to avoid too much sugar in your foods, but what about the beverages you drink each day? You might be surprised to learn that many of your favorite daily drinks could be harming your teeth. Here are some of the culprits to be aware of and even avoid.

Coffee is typically the morning drink of choice for most people; however, there are certain disadvantages to consuming it. Coffee will discolor teeth over time, and because it is also acidic, it can gradually wear away tooth enamel. Coffee also tends to dry out your mouth, which can lead to bad breath and an increased risk of developing tooth decay.

While you may not want to give up your morning pick me up, try limiting yourself to one cup, and sticking to water the rest of the day to rehydrate your mouth and body. Tyler’s Coffee is acid free and can be purchased from their website.

You might think you are safe from the harmful effects of coffee if you choose tea in the morning. While tea is not as acidic as coffee, black tea does still stain your teeth and can leave them looking dull and discolored.

Red wine typically gets the bad reputation when we think about how alcohol affects your teeth because it tends to stain and discolor them. However, did you know that white wine affects your teeth as well? White wine contains sugar and is also acidic, which wears away tooth enamel and can result in cavities.

Fruit Juice
This one is surprising to many people since fruit juices are typically marketed as “healthy” drinks. Be wary of certain juices though, because the amount of sugar they contain is sometimes comparable to soft drinks. Many juices such as orange juice and lemonade are also acidic, which is a double whammy for your teeth.

Soda and Sports Drinks
Probably the worst of all the culprits is soda and sports drinks. This is because the damage from soda is threefold due to sugar, acids, and carbonation. These factors work together to do a number on your teeth and increase your risk of developing tooth decay and cavities.

Drinking water as much as you can will not only hydrate your body, it is also good for your oral health. And if you are still not convinced that you should give up your favorite drinks, we can help! We offer teeth whitening options that can easily be worked into your regular visits. To find out more click here or give us a call at 303-572-4487 to schedule your next appointment.

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