What It Means To Be A Certified Green Dentist


Blog-Post-Image-7-Green-dentistry-WEBDid you know that we were the first Certified Green Dentist in Denver? It’s true! We are proud of the many green-minded choices we make daily. We want you to understand what being a Certified Green Dentist means and how it affects you. First and foremost, being “green” does not mean we do dentistry any different. Being a certified green dentist is more about having a “green” office than changing the way dentistry itself is performed. Our office follows the standards set by the ADA, but we run the office in a significantly more eco-friendly manner than a typical dental practice.

We make it a priority to minimize waste. We use a waterless vacuum system that saves around 360 gallons of water per day. We also off set 80% of our energy consumption with solar panels. Other ways we try to minimize our carbon footprint include using:

  • Digital X-rays and paperless charts
  • Place tooth-colored composite resin for fillings instead of amalgam to reduce metallic waste
  • Washable patient barriers, bibs, cups, and staff smocks
  • An amalgam separator (a law in Denver starting in 2015), which separates amalgam waste from waste water when existing amalgams are removed from a patient’s teeth.
  • Rooms that are disinfected after each patient’s visit rather than covered in plastic each time.
  • Steam autoclave and as many autoclave-able instruments as possible, instead of disposable.

A dental practice can have a significant impact on the environment due to the amount of waste generated by various procedures, as well as the levels of water and electricity used. So when patients look to minimize their carbon footprint, green dentistry is the most eco-friendly option. Green dentists are making a positive impact by reducing waste, conserving energy, and decreasing pollution with the latest techniques and procedures. Additionally, a number of these changes also make for a more pleasant experience for our patients. Our goal is to help the environment while giving you the exceptional experience that you are looking for! If you ever have questions about the eco-friendly choices we make please feel free to ask when you’re in for a checkup.

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