Your Dentist Can Help With These Common Problems


You might not know this, but a dentist can help you with your TMJ problem and provide you with the best treatment for TMJ as TMJ is caused by jaw and tooth alignment issues. Here, you will know all the solutions to your TMJ problems and understand how a TMJ dentist can help you with your TMJ.

What are TMJ problems and dentist TMJ specialists?

TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction is the ache or the comprised movement of the joint in a person’s jaw and the side-by-side muscles.

Just as one would visit a cardiologist for heart-related issues, similarly, a dentist TMJ specialist is the one that you have to call when you have some matter related to your jaw or surrounding jaw muscle.

TMJ can be very painful, so here are some of the best treatments for TMJ that can help you lessen the pain and even recover from this issue.


  • Pain relievers for TMJ dental treatment
  • Tricycle antidepressant
  • Muscle relaxants


  • Oral splinters or mouthguard
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling

How can a TMJ dentist be helpful to you?

The dentist for TMJ knows that the cause of TMJ can be many, and to find the correct TMJ dental treatment related to it, they do proper analysis on the patient. A complete evaluation would be done in the first appointment, and then the treatment will be assigned to you.

tmj dentist

How can you get the best dentist for TMJ around you?

The NIH says that if you are looking for a dentist for TMJ pain, you should be more focused on the dentist who has cured musculoskeletal disorders. If you would visit a regular pain clinic, they may give you the referrals of a few dentists for TMJ pain.

Some physical therapists can be potential TMJ dentists if they have a specialized degree for TMJ too. They can provide you with some stretching to smoothly strengthen the jaw area. This can be very useful to decrease the TMJ symptoms and prevent further damage to that area.

You may even get counseling for your TMJ pain, which has also been advantageous. There are times when TMJ is caused due to stress and anxiety, so a counselor might help them by connecting their mind to their body.

A TMJ specialist works with a physician to know the signs and all the symptoms of TMJ. Then they design a proper dental treatment for the patient to treat all the root causes and symptoms of TMJ.

Working of a TMJ Specialist

No matter what kind of TMJ specialist you find, mostly the TMJ treatment initiates with the traditional possibilities to be able to treat the symptoms and pain. It mainly includes anti-inflammatory drugs, soft meals, and warm compressions. These are initially done to relieve the patient’s pain and swelling.

As said earlier, a TMJ specialist works simultaneously with the patient’s physician to identify all the triggers as TMJ is a chronic illness. In simple words, the dentist for TMJ pain slowly progresses the treatment from less invasive to furthermore complicated stages.

Different Ways to Treat TMJ

As mentioned earlier, the complete examination will always initiate the treatment to know what kind of damage has occurred to the jaw and its leading cause. After diagnosing the patient with the problem, the TMJ specialist may or may not try the below-mentioned options.

Mouthguards – Mouthguards of different types might help with the proper alignment of the jaw to avoid further damage and injuries to it.

Join injections – A cortisone shot may help with the swelling and pain in that area. Injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A are also significant to treat TMJ.

Arthrocentesis – Here, the dentist uses tiny needles injected into the joint to flush out any fluid that might have been accumulated there, causing decreased mobility and pain. These injections are only recommended for severe cases.

Arthroscopic surgery – In this treatment, small thin tubes are used to perform the negligibly invasive joint treatment.

Modified condylotomy – This surgery is done on the lower jaw bone and not the actual TMJ.

Open joint surgery – In a few severe cases, this option is chosen because of the higher number of risks.

Bottom line

As of now, you might have very well understood how can you choose the best TMJ dentist for you and how do they treat the TMJ issue. So, keeping all that has been mentioned above we can say that finding a suitable dentist can be done by just a visit to a pain clinic, and further, the treatment is done according to the analysis they get.
There can be many great dentists that you may find, like the Wynkoop dentist. They treat the TMJ issues very carefully to provide the patient with the best pain-free results along with perfect care.

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