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“I’m getting a crown today?!” I’ll never forget the joy in my patient’s voice as I confirmed the treatment for his broken tooth. Excitement is an unusual emotion when I tell someone they need extensive dental treatment. That’s what Freedom Day is all about. This patient had needed a crown for a long time and couldn’t afford it. He’s served our country in the military which is a huge gift he’s given us, and we are honored to do a small thing to pay him back by fixing his broken tooth.  

Since 2016, Wynkoop Dentistry has committed one day a year to treat veterans and their families at no cost. We are participating in a national movement called Freedom Day which was started by a dentist in 2013. While it sprouted from the dental field, the event has gained roots in other industries and is available to all businesses as a way to show appreciation to the veteran population.  

On Freedom Day we do our best to treat whatever needs our patients come through the doors with, and we do it all for free. We partner with several specialist offices around the area who take on the treatment we can’t provide in office. We usually adopt a few patients with extensive needs we can’t complete in one day and carry on their treatment needs throughout the year.

In 2020, we were able to donate close to $25,000 worth of dental care between our two offices to Veterans and their families. This year, we are saying thank you again on November 12th. If you are a veteran, or know one that is, please help spread the word. Call our office at 303-572-4487 to schedule your appointment soon!


Fear of dental care is a common reason people avoid taking care of their teeth.  Years of neglect can turn small problems into big challenges that require quite a bit of dentistry to get oral health back on track.  We celebrate when we can turn a fearful person into a calm and trusting patient of Wynkoop Dentistry.  Our team is caring and kind which is all it takes for most patients.  We also offer comfort items such as noise cancelling headphones, nitrous oxide, or oral sedation.  When the comfort items are not enough, general anesthesia may be the best option. This means utilizing our option to bring a Dental Anesthesiologist into the office to put you to sleep while we complete your care safely and efficiently.  We interviewed Dr. Russ Yancey at Mountain Dental Anesthesia to get more information on this amazing service.  If being able to get your dental care under unconscious sedation interests you, let us know.  We would be happy to discuss this with you!


In today’s rapidly changing environment, many people have seen significant changes to their dental plans and dental coverage. With these changes, it can be difficult to understand what your new dental policy does or does not cover. In some cases, new dental insurance can be costly and ineffective in helping address your specific oral health. These challenges are the exact reason the Wynkoop Wellness plan was created.  


We loved seeing a recent article published by Fast Company describing how MIT researchers found that visiting the dentist was one of the few situations where “leaving your bubble” had amazing benefits that far outweighed the minimal risks of contracting COVID-19. This is supported by recent studies that show that COVID-19 patients with periodontal disease face a greater risk of dying. While we’ve always understood the importance of good oral health and the relationship it has to a strong immune system, it’s a good reminder that oral health has far reaching impacts on multiple facets of our body. Our immune system is a complex system of cells, organs, tissues and proteins that patrol our bodies looking for invaders that may cause us harm. Inflammation caused by these invaders attracts immune cells that attack harmful organisms and bacteria. One of the best ways to keep our immune system healthy, and to prevent it from getting overwhelmed, is to reduce sources of inflammation.


The last few months have been challenging for our community and our team is more than ready to get back to serving our patients in office. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety. As always, we set our infection control standards to go above and beyond what is required of us. We will continue to provide a clean and safe environment as we transition back into the office.

With three young kids at home, it seems like we’ve been exposed to every germ this winter. Parent or not, I know I’m not the only one who feels like they need hand sanitizer in their back pocket this time of year. We take so many precautions to avoid getting sick, but we might be forgetting to disinfect the appliances that go in our mouth. Whether it’s a toothbrush, Invisalign® tray, mouth guard, HEALTHYSTART™ appliance or a sleep appliance, it’s a good idea to make sure these appliances aren’t carrying germs.


The complexities of dental insurance and the lack of sufficient information provided by insurance companies make understanding benefits almost impossible. Even more confusing is understanding how to properly work with your dental insurance company to achieve the highest level of benefits to which you are entitled. As Wynkoop Dentistry patients, we want you to be informed, and we have insurance experts to help you navigate through this process as best we can!

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