Have you ever had a clicking sensation in your jaw while eating or yawning? Do you frequently get earaches or wake up with jaw pain after a night’s sleep? If yes, then there is a chance that you are suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or Disorder (TMD). At Wynkoop, we can help if you are experiencing jaw discomfort or pain.

The point at which the jawbone meets the skull is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ Pain Treatment). This is what permits humans to open and close their mouths or swivel their heads without difficulty. This complicated joint, when joined with other muscles and ligaments, allows humans to chew, speak, and yawn properly. If the TMJ is damaged or harmed in any manner, it can lead to TMD.

Once a person has been diagnosed with TMD, it is essential to address the problem as quickly as possible to avoid further harm. Wynkoop DTR dental addresses the source of the problem and heals it from its root source. DTR therapy makes use of T-Scan and EMG equipment to assess the full activity of a patient’s bite during the treatment process. To provide a more complete picture of the joint, we assess the pressure, timing, and muscle activity at the joint. Our modern dental technology can identify the location of the uneven pressure and aid in the removal of small portions of tooth enamel in order to balance the pressure out. Patients at Wynkoop may also benefit from procedures such as tooth-colored fillings, which can help them achieve a balanced, symmetrical bite and decrease TMD symptoms.

Patients can begin to see some benefits from DTR therapy in Denver after one treatment, with optimal outcomes showing up after two to four treatments. Schedule an appointment right away to get all your dental problems resolved!

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