Laser Whitening & Microabrasion

A lot of offices claim to have laser whitening but few actually do. Many times bleach is placed on the patient’s teeth and a blue UV light is then positioned on the teeth (see video). This causes the teeth to dehydrate leaving them very sensitive.

At Wynkoop Dentistry, we use a Diode Laser by Biolase to complete laser whitening. This is a true laser and only has to be placed on the teeth for a few minutes. Patients notice a significant difference in post-bleaching sensitivity and are often amazed how little sensitivity there is compared to previous bleaching experiences. The entire procedure takes about an hour and we include custom made bleach trays to take home so that you are able to keep up with your bright new smile!

Microabrasion is a conservative treatment to remove white and brown spots from your teeth. It is normally completed in two visits with the patient doing at-home bleaching in between the two appointments. Please ask Dr. Erin or Dr. Chelsea about this procedure if you are interested.

Esthetic Bonding

Bonding is the term used to describe the process of placing composite resin on tooth structure to achieve a different shape or color. Very minimal healthy tooth needs to be removed. Bonding is a great way to change the look of your tooth in one visit. Bonding, like composite fillings may need to be replaced from time to time due to staining or a loss of bond with the tooth.


Veneers are a more permanent way to change the shape or shade of teeth. Again, very minimal healthy tooth structure is removed. However, in the case of veneers a temporary is made while a lab fabricates the product. The patient returns for a second, cementation, visit. Veneers are stronger and tend to last longer than bonding as well as often creating a more esthetic result.

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