Cone Beam 3D X-rays

Unlike most dentists, we use 3D imaging instead of 2D. Using 3D imaging produces the highest quality images possible leading to the most accurate diagnosis and planning. The Sirona SL produces far superior images at drastically reduced radiation compared to older dental CT machines even from a few years ago. This allows us to review your entire dental health including teeth, nerves, bone, sinuses, TMJ, oral pathology and airway. With this information, we can improve the quality and efficiency of all dental work and often diagnose problems before they cause discomfort. Additionally, we are able to merge our Cerec data to plan perfect implant placements. This greatly reduces implant complications, discomfort, and drastically shortens the surgical appointment time.

Worried about radiation? Please watch this quick video about how much radiation you are actually receiving with dental X-rays and specifically a CT. He talks about the Galileos CT, which is a larger machine than ours. Our SL puts out even less than the machine that he is speaking about and it even has an extra low-dose setting for children. We’ve seen Dr. Tyndall speak on a few occasions and he is definitely a leading authority on radiation as he’s been studying it for years at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry.

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