Disclusion Time Reduction Pain Therapy


DTR has absolutely revolutionized the way we look at occlusion! Occlusion is simply the way your teeth come together when you bite down. The TMJ digitally evaluates the exact force distribution on your teeth when you bite down on the sensor.

Lots of different issues can arise when your teeth contact too much or unevenly.  Basically, it creates too much friction between your teeth and this puts lots of unwanted strain and stress on your muscles which leads to an array of symptoms. It can also strangle the blood supply to your teeth and cause extreme sensitivity.

With this sensor we’ve been treating patients with headaches, jaw pain, ringing in their ears, amidst other ailments. The patient’s reaction is the best part! They typically notice an immediate difference and can tell that their bite is “how it should be”.

This treatment has had a huge impact on our patients and we are always so excited when we can help someone who has not had successful treatment in the past. It’s a great prevention tool as well because it forecasts which teeth are at risk for breaking or potentially needing root canals in the future! Who wouldn’t want to prevent that?

If you are interested in learning about TMJ and how it works, ask us!

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Dentist holding TekScan

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