laser dentistry


treat gum disease

Bleeding gums and gum recession are common signs of the gum diseases gingivitis and periodontitis. These are caused by the presence of bacteria and inflammation inside the gums. The EPIC laser gum treatment is a relatively painless procedure that removes inflamed areas and infected tissue from inside the gums. This procedure can be completed by the hygienist or the doctor at your regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. Improved healing of the gum tissue follows after treatment along with proper oral care. This treatment is recommended for any patient who experiences bleeding gums or has puffy, red gum tissue.

gummy smile

Do your teeth look small or do you think you show much gum when you smile? You may be a candidate for Laser Soft Tissue Contouring. This is a fairly painless process where the doctor removed excess gum tissue to expose more of your tooth. Because this procedure is done with a laser instead of a scalpel there is very minimal bleeding and very quick healing.

tongue or lip ties: frenectomies

Everyone is born with seven muscle attachments in their mouths. Sometimes these attachments are located too close to the gumline leading to recession and sometimes they are located too closely to the tip of the tongue restricting tongue mobility. This may lead to difficulty nursing in infants and snoring or sleep apnea in children and adults as well as difficulty with speech. It is a quick and simple procedure to release the muscle attachment with the laser with very minimal pain or bleeding and very quick healing.


Sometimes we are able to use the laser to remove a cavity. The advantages of this are many. Tooth structure is vaporized with laser-energized water droplets. This means it is more conservative and creates a stronger bond between the filling and the tooth leading to less sensitivity and less trauma to the tooth. Sometimes we don’t even have to get you numb to complete the procedure with a laser and patients report the procedure is more comfortable because there is no annoying vibration or high pitch whistle as there is with the drill.


other laser services:

  • Removal of gum or skin tags
  • Jaw Pain Therapy
  • Treatment of Cold Sores or Canker Sores that cuts healing time in half
  • Whitening (see Laser Whitening Description)

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