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 periodontal screening and treatment

The periodontium is composed of the tissues supporting the teeth, primarily composed of gums and bone. Periodontal screening will take place at your first visit and typically once a year at maintenance appointments. Periodontal screening includes evaluation of bone levels in routine xrays as well as gum measurements taken by the dentist or dental hygienist. This information helps to determine if a patient has gingivitis or periodontal disease and requires more advanced treatment such as Gingival Therapy or Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing or referral to the Periodontist.

Patients with periodontal disease will require close monitoring and more frequent visits for maintenance as well as education about how to stop the disease from progressing. People who are susceptible to periodontal disease are those who do not regularly visit the dentist for routine care, are lacking in brushing and flossing, are genetically predisposed or have certain systemic diseases such as diabetes. Periodontal disease is also linked with heart disease and preterm/low birth weight babies as well as some cancers.

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