Itero & Invisalign®

  • Only $500 down with low interest free monthly payments.
  • Free Whitening and cosmetic bonding at the end of treatment for a limited time.
  • Get Results Fast- Most our treatments complete in Six months.
  • Not one but FOUR final retainers included.
  • Tiered pricing: Because not all teeth are created equal.  Less Movement?  Pay Less!
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Congratulations to Dr. Erin, winner of the 2021 AACA Golden Aligner Award

Itero & Invisalign®

The Itero is a digital scanner that takes extremely accurate digital impressions of your teeth without all that goo!  We use this scanner for invisalign, nightguards, and as an integral part of your dental record. Because the impressions are so accurate, we get better fitting invisalign trays.  And of course, better fitting trays means more effective and efficient treatment! Although we love this scanner for invisalign, it can also be integral in monitoring changes with things like recession, wear, abfractions, crowding, etc. over time.  We can use these records to help track changes in your mouth by overlaying scans of your mouth over the years.

Most people think about Invisalign® as a way to straighten teeth so they look pretty, but what they don’t always realize is that straight teeth help your oral health.  Don’t get us wrong, our Invisalign® patients are happy with their straight smiles, but they also notice that their teeth are easier to keep clean at the end of treatment making them less prone to gum disease.  Moving teeth also improves your bite which can minimize recession, broken teeth, and often improve TMD symptoms. When not properly aligned, our teeth can wear down and chip over time, this can change the appearance of your smile to show far less upper teeth more lower teeth- think Bernie Sanders!

Invisalign® technology is getting better all the time!  Digital Scans instead of gooey impressions are more accurate and more comfortable. We can accomplish far more movement with Invisalign® than what was previously possible and more quickly. We also incorporate acceleration techniques like Propel that allow us to complete treatment in months, not years! Considering Invisalign®, but still not 100% sure? Ask us about it, we can show you a close estimate of what your final smile will look like before you make the commitment!


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